Andre Marie Ampere

Andre Marie Ampere

He was a French physicist and mathematician and worked for many years as a professor in Bourg near Lyon and Paris. He founded electrodynamics and was the first to explain magnetism by molecular circular currents -  here  . The unit of electric current strength, the ampere, was named after him.

Ampere was a contemporary of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta and, like him, lived in a time of profound social upheaval, which culminated in the French Revolution of 1789. It also shaped his youth for personal reasons, as his father was executed during an uprising print 1793.

Childhood, youth and education

Ampere was the son of a wealthy silk merchant in Lyon. He spent his childhood in a village near Lyon, where the family owned an estate. Even as a child, he was filled with an irrepressible thirst for knowledge.

At the age of 13 he began to work thoroughly through the "Encyclopedia of Sciences -  urgent essay writing service  , Arts and Crafts" published by Diderot and D`Alembert as part of the French Enlightenment. He was especially interested in mathematical and scientific problems. Although he had never attended school, this enabled him to be active in many fields of science.

In 1793, in the turmoil of the French Revolution, his father was executed after the failed uprising of the city of Lyon against the Convention. He did not get over this loss for a long time. Since the family had lost a large part of its fortune -  do my engineering assignment  , he earned his living by giving private lessons, especially in mathematics. In 1802 he then found a permanent position as a mathematics teacher in Bourg, and from 1803 in Lyon. In 1804 Ampere went to Paris, where he was later appointed professor at the Polytechnic School.

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