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How to Write a Character Analysis Essay in Simple Steps

Tables and figures are extra-textual things in a research paper that have to be properly formatted and numbered following the guidelines of IEEE styles.Every table and figure has to be numbered in a continuous or consecutive sequence. This means that for every new section and part of the paper or the appendices, the numbering would continue in a consecutive fashion. When I write my essay, I recheck after completing it to ensure that the numbering is correct.

For example, if there are 5 figures in the first heading of the paper, the figure in the next section would continue as figure 6 rather than being labeled as figure 1.

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There is no relationship between the numbering of tables and figures. For example, if there are three tables in a section, the figure after the tables would be labeled as figure 1 rather than being labeled in the same sequence as figure 4. This means that the numbering of both figures and tables is independent of each other.


In addition, you should keep in mind that the figure or table has to be discussed in the body paragraph before it is introduced in a paper. So if you want to write like a professional essay writer, you should always show connectivity and coherence in your writing by explaining the figure or table. This is a common mistake when students forget to mention the purpose of the figures and tables.


Another rule for adding a figure or a table is to ensure that it is properly cited and referenced if it is borrowed from another source. However, if you make the table using your own data, you would not need to add any citation for it.

The figure or the table should not be isolated or disconnected in the paper. It should always be connected to the general body of the paper or the topic under discussion.


Formatting a table in IEEE format


The table in the IEEE format refers to the presentation of data in a tabular or grid form. If the data is presented in some other form such as a graph or chart, then it is considered a figure.

when I write my essay the starting and the ending of a table are indicated by using horizontal double lines. Whereas, the rows of the table do not necessarily need to have dividing vertical lines.

The table has to be labeled in the same format as a new section or appendix and it also has a title that indicates the purpose of the table. Moreover, it is labeled with roman numbers. The title of the table has to be written in all caps.


A note is an explanatory sentence that can be added at the end of the table. This explanation can be used to explain the whole table or it can be directed to a section of the table. If the note explains a particular part of the table, it can be indicated in the same manner as a footnote. The note is presented in a caption position and format.

The title of the table may be written by essay writer as;




Adding equations to a table


If you are adding any equations or numerical symbols to the table, then you have to keep in mind that everyone might not understand it.  Therefore, add the definition or explanation of the symbols or the equations used at the end of the table or in the caption of the table. 


Formatting a figure in IEEE format


A figure in the IEEE format is any visual or graphical presentation other than the tabular presentation; it can include pictures, graphs, diagrams, and bar charts.

All visual presentations other than tables and equations have to be considered and labeled as figures and there is no labeling as graph or chart.

The label for the figure goes at the bottom of the figure as opposed to the table that goes to the top. The label is written in sentence case rather than capitalized form. No line breaks have to be added to the label of the figure.


The figure is labeled as Fig rather than a full word figure. After that, the number of the fig is mentioned with a period. A space is inserted after which the title explaining the purpose of the figure is written by essay writing service.

The title of the figure should be explanatory and informative, and should expand upon the why,  what and where information.

If the information presented in the figure is taken from a source then it has to be mentioned in the in-text citation. However, if the data is primary data collected for the study, then it should mention the time or date such as 2019.


The title of a figure can be written as Fig. 2.       Depression in college students while staying at home during COVID-19 lockdowns, 2020-2021.

Labeling the specific parts of the figure would require them to be written separately in lowercase within brackets. The explanation for a specific section may be included with the overall caption for the figure.

However, if you are facing difficulty in getting your format right, it is never too late to ask for help. You may contact the student resource center of your university or you may contact a professional essay writing service. They will help you with the proper editing and formatting of your paper.

However, if you follow the steps carefully, you would not face any problems. Also keep in mind that neither of the tables or the figures has to be written in the bold, italic, or underlined form. 


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