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There are many interesting quests in New World, so that each player has a different experience when playing the game, the most eye-catching is a quest called Baited.

If the player wants to start this quest, they need to go to the Stolen Shores and find an NPC named Dena Ruby and talk to him. The main goal of this quest is to require players to capture two different aquatic creatures, one of which is Snails. The most important thing to have if you want to catch it is to have a fishing pole, and another thing that is not necessary but very useful is the Bait. Any improvements granted by using bait with a fishing pole with stack with any existing enchantments, so you can choose to use them.

You have a lot of good options for Bait, and most of them are pretty easy to get. For example, one of the Baits that are great for catching Snails in the New World is the Firefly Bait, which you can find in the Briar in the New World. Players can also use Woodlouse Bait if you like, they can be obtained from Bushes. One caveat though, harvesters and fisherfolk won't spawn the first two baits every time they interact with the aforementioned foliage, but they should be easy to find if you try a few more times.

There are other kinds of baits to choose from, for example, you can get Bread Bait from chests, enemies or made at a simple campfire or Kitchen from food resources. Some types of meat bait require you to use low-grade ingredients like sausages and seasonings to make them. But it should also be noted that some of the bait made in the kitchen is suitable for saltwater fishing, while the other part can only be used for freshwater fishing.

It should be noted that a certain amount of New World Coins will be consumed when players use materials to craft these baits. Not only that, but the fishing poles that players use when fishing also require a certain amount of New World Coins to buy. It is worth mentioning that the more expensive the fishing pole, the more attributes it can provide you when fishing, giving you a greater chance of catching rare fish.

There are many places to use New World Coins in the game. For example, weapon upgrades and item repairs require New World Coins. As a result, many players have become more hesitant to use New World Coins. If you have NewWorldCoins you won't have to worry about this problem, they will sell plenty of New World Coins 24 hours a day, buy Cheap New World Coins there and you will be able to enjoy the best price. In addition, they will also hold discounts on some special festivals, if you buy New World Coins on these days, you will be able to enjoy greater discounts. It is worth every player to save a lot of time by spending a small amount of money, so you can give it a try!
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